Our Piece of Heaven… Land in the Mountains

We live near Charlotte, NC. Although it is awesome to be close to darn near anything a person could want, it does come with a few trade-offs. The trade off that is the biggest concern happens to be sheer volume of people and the land space that we are all crammed into. The traffic…don’t get me started.

Road outside our driveway

When I was growing up I always wanted a big piece of land to plunk a house on. In order to do that in an area close to where we work, well that just isn’t going to happen without a lot of luck and a lottery ticket. So what does one do if they want a large piece of land and everything near them is expensive? We went to the mountains and bought a piece of land. Sure it takes a bit of time to drive there but the air is cleaner, there isn’t a lot of noise, the stars at night can actually be seen and the best part is everyone has their own space.

Camp site
Camping spot in the winter

The process to building a full blown house is simply not possible right now because of money required and the fact that we do not want to go into any debt to do that. Right now we use the land to do some camping and for some good old fashion exercise by working on the land and hiking.

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