I saw this video the other day and since we seem to have some real issues with the blood suckers around the yard I figured I would give this a try on a budget. So I had these fans sitting around the garage gathering dust and thought they may be under-powered but would be good to decide whether or not to spend any more money in this way.

I decided I would put them together in a 2×2 manner to get the most air on one area.

Here is the finished product working hard in the yard.

In most blog circles this would be an update but I am slack and I have put the fan outside 4 days of the last week. So I bet you are wondering how well it is working. It works great if I have it in the right place otherwise there is simply not enough air drawn to the fan to catch the blood suckers unless they happen to fly to close. If they do happen to fly close they are caught. The first day I had it running it got about 20…I was quite happy with that. The last 3 days I moved it around the yard and was lucky to get maybe 10 more. I plan on tracking electricity usage to see how much that is. I noticed even on the day I had it going and it got 20 it didn’t happen all through the day but happened right around dusk which of course coincides with when the experts say they come out. I also noticed that if I don’t want to leave it on all the time I can just point the fan in my direction and they really can’t get to me. So if it don’t catch them from the one side the other side of the fan keeps me cool and keeps them away. All in all a good use of my time. I think I will add some wheels to it so it is easier to move around. Almost forgot if you decide to make one for yourself and don’t want to use it to fan yourself with if may be to your advantage to line the fans up in a row since most all the mosquitoes get caught around ground level. Course that is only an opinion based on a week of use.